Friday, June 6, 2014

Fazilka Clock Tower - 6 June 1939 Clock towers were placed at the city centres in Fazilka and Lyallpur (Now known as Faisalabad). Both city centres were designed by Captain Poham Young, to imitate the Union Flag when seen from above, with eight roads to the main markets radiating from a centre with a large clock tower. The cities of Fazilka and Lyallpur both came into existence between 1840 and 1880. Layallpur Clock Tower was built by the British Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, Sir James Broadwood Lyall, for whom it was originally named Lyallpur. Fazilka Clock Tower was built in the memory of a famous philanthropist of Fazilka, Ram Narayan Periwal, by Rai Sahab Madan Gopal Periwal and Shopat Rai Periwal. The Fazilka clock tower, at an approximate height of 95 feet (29 m), is the tallest clock tower in North India. Fazilka Clock Tower was made by contractor Sh. Narain Singh under the supervision of Mohd. Ch Abdul Shakoor Kareem Malak, who was the sardar of the region. It was inaugurated by Mr. M.R. Sachdev, ESQ, ICS, the then Deputy Commissioner of Ferozepur on June 6, 1939 in the presence of Sheepseks Asquire ICS DC Jalandhar and Rai Sahab Lala Vidyadhar PCS SDO of Fazilka. The tower was designed by Architect S.D. Wasan. Fazilka and Faislabad Clock towers were both inaugurated on the same day. Previously it was maintained by the Periwal Trust but since 1991, the Municipal Council of Fazilka has been responsible. Photo by Lachhman Dost

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  1. Thank you, Fazilka for hosting my mother’s family when they were displaced after the partition of India


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